AirLite Windows
Airlite Windows was originally founded in 1958 by Pat Dentale. Pat was born in 1929 and raised in Brooklyn on 72 St and 18 Ave. Pat at age 23 worked for several companies repairing and assembling windows. The day finally came when he had saved enough to start a business of his own. He began by buying out an existing business on McDonald Ave called Air-Lite Reliance with two existing phone numbers that began with ES5 that are still being used today. Imagine that the same numbers after all these years. After a decade of hard work he eventually bought the building in 1967 where we remain today. Over the years Pat married and raised 4 boys and 1 girl, all who now work in the business today! Pat who is 88 yrs old still can be seen every day at the office making sure the business is being run with the same integrity and dedication that made it what it is today, a family owned and operated third Generation Window Company serving the community for 60 years. In 2003 the Company was incorporated and the name was changed to Airlite Windows.

Airlite Windows stakes its reputation on 60 years of providing excellent customer satisfaction and superior products to thousands of satisfied customers!