The Work Steps Laid Out For You!

The installation process begins when our factory trained installers start laying down drop cloths around the windows they will be working on. Next they will proceed to remove the old windows. They will inspect the master frame to make sure the wood is level and secure! If any wood is rotted it will be replaced at that point. They will then take measurements for the capping that gets installed around the exterior of the window. Capping is sheets of aluminum that is bent on a machine called a break. Capping is used to protect the wooden master frame. The new capping will be installed over the wood.

The new windows will now be installed by being screwed into the old master frame. The workers will install new stop molding around the interior perimeter of the window. Last the windows will be sealed in and out with a high quality polyurethane calk. This calk dries like rubber and will not cracked like inferior calk years later. The way the calk is applied will blend your new window in with the capping to give a finished look.

The workers will clean up by sweeping up all debris around the work area and take away all garbage.

They will now show you how to operate your new windows and make sure they work properly.

Once you are happy, you will then pay the workers the balance.

Remember if your satisfied with the job please recommend us. Our business is built on happy satisfied customers that helped us to grow for 56 years to the business we are today.

Window Installation Process