What is the R5 Program?

Ideal is proud to offer an R-5 window package which qualifies for the Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Program for Highly Efficient R5 Windows. The R5 program is an effort by the U.S. Department of Energy to promote windows with an overall window R Factor of 5.


Ideal offers various windows that are eligible for the R-5 window package that qualifies them for this exciting new program. In fact, we’re one of just 30 companies in the nation that currently does!






Key Points

  • R-5 Windows are highly insulating windows with a whole window R-value of approximately 5 (U-Factor 0.22) and are at the top tier of energy efficient windows for cold and mixed climates available today.
  • Common Energy Star windows only have an R-value of about 3.3 in the Northern Region. Increasing the R-value from 3 to 5 reduces the average heat loss through the windows by about 40% and saves the consumer money on their energy bills.
  • The principle barrier to widespread market commercialization of R-5 windows is the cost. The DOE is working with the fenestration industry and potential buyers to lower costs and make these energy efficient products more readily available.
  • Currenty many states are specifiying R-5 rated products for use in their weatherization programs.