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So you live in Brooklyn, NY and have decided to do a little renovation to your home, then hire a professional window installation service.

The big question at this point is whether you do it yourself and save money, or hire a professional window installation service in Brooklyn, NY to come in and do it for you.

The first thing to do it is research what is actually involved in window replacement before you decide.

There are many services that offer window installation in Brooklyn, New York, and window replacement can be a daunting task Professional window installation even for professionals at times — because of everything that is involved.

First is the actual removal of the old window, which in itself can be a project and a half. To remove the old window you have to remove the frame holding the window in place. At a minimum, this may require things such as razor blades to score them, chisels, and a hammer to knock them away from the wall.

Next you will have to remove the siding on the outside of your home; you want to do this carefully unless replacing the siding is part of your renovation plans. The object of this exercise is to get to the nails holding the window in place, which you then must pry out.

Once the window is technically free, must remove the old caulking and then finally remove the window itself. After the window is out, you are going to want to clean the window frame and make sure it is square so that the new window will fit in without having gaps.

This is only the removal of one window, and if you damage the siding, then add the repair of that to your window replacement.

Now that you have your old window out and are prepped to install the new window, its basically the same as removal only backwards. Make sure it fits well with no major gaps. If there are gaps you can use shims to fill them in, then add nails, caulk around the window, reconnect the siding, and add the interior frame. One down umpteen to go. O, or hire a professional window replacement service that does window installation in Brooklyn, NY to assure that’s it’s done correctly
Many things can go wrong if window replacement is not done right, and none of them will save you any money in the long run. If you do it yourself and make an error, the least of the problems would likely be that the window is not looking quite straight or square. This could however do more damage if there are gaps that let in rain, snow and ice, or just moisture. This could cause the frame around the window to start rotting away. Another costly effect of gaps would be drafts coming through, causing your heating bill to rise significantly — depending on how many windows are not properly sealed.
Honestly why put yourself through this when a window installation service in Brooklyn, NY can do your window replacements correctly and relieve you of the burden of time to do other projects on your home renovation list.

Check out your local window replacement, and window installation services in Brooklyn, NY by checking out their years in business. The Internet now makes it easy to review reviews by former customers. Choose the right window replacement service for quick and efficient results of this daunting task. I

n the long run you can rest easy that it was done right, have warranties against errors, and save money and time.

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